About Auli Ski & Snowboard School

Auli Ski & Snowboard School is formed by select experienced ski instructors. Our ski instructors are locals of Uttarakhand who have grown in the laps of Himalayas. This young, enthusiastic and dedicated team of ski instructors have several ski and snowboarding trophies and championship victories to their credit. With the strong urge to share their skiing and snowboarding skills with the youngsters in the region as well as snow sport enthusiasts from other parts of the country and around the world, emerges their dream of Auli Ski & Snowboard School.


Our ski instructors are driven by passion to transfer their skiing and snowboarding expertise to young kids. They are determined coach these young children to be expert skiing athletes, who would represent India in various international championships, Olympics and other winter games.

Auli Ski & Snowboard School aspires to put Auli on international map as one of the preferred skiing destinations. The team here is committed to support various initiatives in strengthening the winter sports infrastructure in Auli and make it world class.

If you want to learn skiing and snowboarding in India, Auli Ski & Snowboard School is the place to come. Auli Ski & Snowboard School offers group as well as personalized private lessons to suit your requirements. Skiing and snowboarding lessons are are open to all age groups and all experience levels - beginners or freestyle skiers. This is not all, during summers, . Auli Ski & Snowboard School offers lessons in other adventure activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling etc.


Our team is extremely particular about ecological issues. Auli Ski & Snowboard School is strict about adopting methodologies and materials which help in preservation of natural resource. The team also coaches locals on environmental issues to spread the awareness.

The school prefers to give employment / freelancing opportunity to locals. With an passion to support local communities, the team also coaches locals on allied skills such as safety and rescue, guide trainings, porter trainings etc.

Join us…share the dream !!!